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Flower crowns - for the romantic Oktoberfest-Look

Create gorgeous German hairstyles with traditional hair accessories

_DSR9385Are you getting bored of a normal braid? Do you have shorter hair and still want to spice up your Oktoberfest look? Or do you love to wear your luscious locks open and are just looking for an eye-catcher to complete your Dirndl? Then the cute flower crowns from our shop are just right for you! With our

  • wreaths
  • ribbons
  • clasps
  • hair clips and
  • hairbands

you jazz up your Dirndl hairstyle in a gorgeous way and become a star - not only at the Oktoberfest!

Summery, colorful, fresh: floral crowns for your hair

AT413_Noa_35b570980879d1Especially in spring and summer you can never go wrong with flowers! Especially crowns of roses and hair bands are popular for Dirndl hairstyles. The headbands are particularly good at taming loose hair, but you can also put them carefully in a braiding or updo hairstyle. You should make sure that you start braiding, twirling and pinning only at the back of the head, so that the headband can lie flat and doesn’t pinch uncomfortably.

Hair wreaths you can just put on so easily. They look particularly good on loose braids and light waves. Thanks to the flower crown you will feel special just like a spring princess.

With a hairband you can conjure great and simple Dirndl updos. All you have to do is put the band over your hair and then tuck the hair on the back of your head into the hairband so that you can not see the back of the band anymore. Just try it - there are no limits to your imagination!

Dainty, natural, chic: feather accessories

AT332_Betty_3Feathers do not just look great on hats! Even as a hair accessory - for example, as a comb or hair band - the pieces look so pretty! The feathers are particularly suitable for fabrics in earth tones as well as Dirndl and jewelry with hunting motifs. These beautiful accessories are inspired by traditional German hats, which are often decorated with feathers as a hunting trophy. With this beautiful accessory you will create an interesting, nice and authentic German hairstyle.

Order simply and easily at Dirndl.com

You can’t wait to decorate your hair with great accessories now? Then do not hesitate and order your favorite hair accessory now, comfortably from home and risk-free thanks to a 100% money-back guarantee. If you like, have a look at our traditional German costumes or browse through our large assortment of jewelry and Oktoberfest accessories. We are looking forward to your visit!

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