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Dirndl Bras

AT520_Doris_15b5af179274a1Dirndl- and Trachten fashion are absolutely in! Whether as a sexy Mini Dirndl at the theme party, as a traditional costume dress at the Oktoberfest or simply as a light summer dress - the Dirndl is firmly interwoven with German traditions and is increasingly being used by young wearers for a variety of occasions, carried from Oktoberfest and weddings to the village fair. To put your Dirndl in the spotlight perfectly, you will find the perfect Dirndl bra in our extensive online shop.

Why a special bra for the Dirndl?

A classic Dirndl, however long, usually consists of a dress, an apron and a Dirndl blouse, which cleverly directs attention to the décolleté.

The right bra underneath the Dirndl is crucial for the perfect fit and the ideal effect of the traditional dress. Often it is difficult for customers to choose the right Dirndl bra - but if a few tips are taken into account, nothing stands in the way of a combination of sensuality and comfort.

What sets the Dirndl bra apart from a regular model?

A bra for Dirndl is in most cases a Dirndl push-up bra, which supports the breast well and thus provides good support and a great look in the low-cut Dirndl blouse.

The special cut of the Dirndl push-up also ensures that under the Dirndl no straps, lace or other parts of the underwear can be seen, which are often not hidden when wearing a normal bra due to the wide-cut shoulder area. Since the Dirndl bra is exactly tailored to the cut of the dirndl blouse, it blends harmoniously into the image of the costume and makes you look just gorgeous!

Important: How to wear the Dirndl bra correctly!

_DSR0479Which bra is worn under the Dirndl is essential for the overall look of the costume, because the well-formed, deep, usually round or rectangular neckline is typical of the modern Dirndl.

As with any other bra, you should of course also decide in the selection of the Dirndl bra on the right size, because only the right fitting bra can optimally support your breast. Especially with prolonged wear - for example, while dancing for hours at the Oktoberfest – a well-fitted bra can prevent unpleasant phenomena such as back pain and tension. The elastic material also ensures a high wearing comfort.

Once you've found the perfect Dirndl push-up or balconnet bra for you, you'll immediately notice that your décolleté is well-defined and sits perfectly in the blouse. This is often not the case with a normal bra, as the push-up effect is usually much less than with a special Dirndl bra.

Our range of Dirndl bras

In our shop you can find Dirndl bras in all popular cup sizes. Of course, there are also Dirndl bras in bigger sizes, which also optimally stage a larger bust in Dirndl. Our Dirndl bras are therefore available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. These correspond to the following chest measurements:

  • S = 65 - 75 cm
  • M = 75 - 85 cm
  • L = 85 - 95 cm
  • XL = 95 - 105 cm
  • XXL = 105 - 120 cm

In our assortment you will also find models with removable straps and special bras that can be worn over a regular bra.

Find the perfect bra for the Dirndl - and other accessories!

_DSR01465b5af1ca947f3In addition, in our online shop, you can expect a large selection of accessories at reasonable prices, such as:

  • Trachten shoes for a particularly authentic look
  • Petticoats that stage the medium-length and short Dirndl perfectly
  • Jewelry that rounds off your outfit
  • or handbags in which you can stow everything you need on the go

Simply browse through our product range and discover our huge selection of traditional costumes, combining style and tradition with a sense for trends.

The right panties underneath your Dirndl

One of the best insider tips that you can find in search of the perfect Dirndl, is probably: to choose the perfect underwear! Of course, this refers to the comfortable, forming Dirndl bra, to which you combine matching, comfortable Dirndl panties. The slips from our range are decorated with sweet, discreet lace details or filigree ribbons and are available separately, but can be combined in a set.

It also counts what's below the surface

_DSR82715b5ad0ceb3023Have you thought about what kind of Dirndl bra you would like to wear under your Dirndl? In our shop, you will find a large selection of different models that are tailored to your Dirndl:

  • Without push-up - for a discreet and natural look
  • With push-up - to stage your cleavage perfectly

Both variations have a special, wide cut, which ensures that no straps, lace or other parts of the underwear under the Dirndl can be seen.

In our assortment, you will also find models with removable straps and special bras that can be worn over the normal bra.

But not only on top everything has to be right, but also below! Many forget to look for matching Oktoberfest panties. So that you do not have to think about your panties at the Oktoberfest - or on any other occasion - you will find a large selection of practically invisible slips and pretty white briefs.

  • Matching additions to our bras
  • Soft material
  • With pretty embroidery or delicate lace
  • Without a pinching waistband on the belly

No matter if you prefer briefsstrings or the classic panties – in our online shop you will definitely find something! And of course you can wear your Dirndl slips under any other outfit and dream about the Oktoberfest again and again in everyday life ...

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