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Oktoberfest shoes for men - stylish & exclusive

iStock-6402100745b62ea32be48eAn Oktoberfest outfit without Trachten shoes is like an Oktoberfest without beer - unthinkable! Rugged boots in alpine style or rustic Haferlshoes with traditional accents are part of a traditional German costume. Since the Trachten fashion keeps up with the times, fans of more casual, modern Oktoberfest shoes will find their perfect pair as well as lads with a sense of tradition.

Trachten shoes for every occasion

Just as people's personalities and attitudes are different, so are the fashion preferences. Special occasions require special shoe models. That’s why it is super handy that Oktoberfest shoes are so wide in their selection.

Imagine, the Oktoberfest is coming up and your Lederhosen are screaming to leave the dark closet! You free the traditional pants from their gloomy hiding place, slip in and find out with horror that you don’t own any suitable shoes? No problem! Just choose from home your dream Oktoberfest shoes for men from our range. For the best party of the year, it's best to choose comfortable models, such as:

  • hearty Haferlshoes - ideally in combination with quaint Trachten stockings as well as stylish Lederhosen
  • casual sneakers that go well with jeans, or
  • rustic Trachten boots, when the weather is not as cooperative.

With these pairs you are guaranteed to rock the marquee and nothing beats a lively dance on the beer tent table.

Garden parties in an exuberant atmosphere are an exemplary occasion for a youthful yet traditional wardrobe, consisting of casual Trachten jeans and trendy Trachten sneakers.

Should it be a bit more upscale or festive and you want your outfit to radiate respectability and class? Again, we offer you exemplary models of Trachten shoes. Handmade Oktoberfest shoes for men made of high quality leather will meet even the highest demands.

Materials - from casually loose to patent and leatheriStock-1575069735b62ea33c6660

Whether leather, linen, polyester, viscose or cotton - the comfortable fit is most important. With us you will not only find the most different variants of Trachten shoes. We focus on quality, robustness and the processing of high quality materials.

High-quality shoes in shiny leather make your entire appearance serious and noble. By contrast, sneakers made of light linen or loose cotton focus on your athletic side. Robust Haferlshoes in earth-colored suede or nappa leather guarantee a very authentic appearance.

This is how different materials reliably contribute to masterfully presenting the traditional image of you. Convince yourself and get inspired by our large portfolio. Best of all, our 100% money back guarantee allows you to order absolutely risk free!

These shoes are made for dancing

With Haferl shoes you will always find tasteful footwear for your Oktoberfest outfit. The Trachten shoes are equipped with all the important features that you expect from a traditional shoe model from the Bavarian-Austrian region. The main features of these sturdy shoes are:

  • the low cut shaft,
  • the tip in an angular shape,
  • the raised heel cap as well as
  • the rubber profile sole.

In past times - when the drawstring shoe was used as a working shoe in the Eastern Alps - this model was already recognized on the basis of the mentioned properties. Even today skilled people will immediately identify you with your new Haferl Shoes from Dirndl.com as a lover of elegant, classic traditional costumes!

At the color level, you are looking in vain for gaudy tones. Instead, shades of brown (light, dark or fawn), khaki, olive and beige dominate. If you place an order in our shop, you will receive your Haferl shoes after a few days and you will be prepared for any Oktoberfest party.

Haferlschuhe: The work shoes for every German costume outfitstocking-1701768_640

The fact that Haferl shoes convince the discerning man with their robust design has spread far beyond the borders of Germany and Austria. Besides the sole, the material leather plays a decisive role. Traditional Trachten shoes for men like these are made of high-quality and resistant leather, which is characterized by its classic look.

The typical seams are also responsible for the distinguished look of this eye-catcher. At the same time, Haferl shoes convince with a high wearing comfort. The non-slip sole is particularly practical, thanks to which uncomfortably slippery floors and benches in beer tents are no obstacle.

The eye-catcher on folk festivals and in everyday life

The footwear that used to be worn as a working shoe is best combined with the most varied elements of traditional Trachten. These include Lederhosen in long and short versions, plaid shirts and Trachten jackets and vests for men.

Tailoring socks guarantee special attention when they harmonize perfectly with your Haferlschuh. In our category Trachten socks you can even find very special Haferl socks in different colors. But classic Haferl shoes can not only be worn at the Oktoberfest! Rather, traditional Haferl shoes visually enhance everyday wear. Together with a pair of jeans, they create a rustic look that can also be styled on the street with other components of fine traditional clothing.

Particularly suitable for everyday use are the Haferl sneaker, for example in light brown or black. They have a traditional look and classic features such as the side lacing, but still bribe with a stylish look full of style. Otherwise, of course: Haferl shoes are part of an authentic German costume outfit and are therefore indispensable at the Oktoberfest and other Bavarian or Austrian folk festivals.


image sources:
© by kamisoka/iStockphoto.com
© by sebastian-julian/iStockphoto.com
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