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German hats - gorgeous & classy Accessories

Are you looking for an accessory that can spice up your German costume look? Then an Oktoberfest hat is just right for you. We present to you a huge selection of traditional German hats in our online shop. Let yourself be inspired and decide today for your favorite piece.

Shine with a German hat on every occasion

_DSR15205b5af00b5bb69Do you already own a Dirndl? Great, then the first step to a nice Trachten outfit is already done. But you consider the dress on its own with a Trachten blouse to be a bit boring? Then you need accessories that refresh the look in a playful way. A very good choice are German hats, which have long become indispensable in Oktoberfest costumes. With a Dirndl hat you truly make a fashion statement.

And best of all, such traditional hats fit any occasion. You can wear the hat both while celebrating at the Oktoberfest and at other folk fests. Of course, you can also carry out the new accessory at the next family celebration. No matter whether sporty or styled in a modern way: A traditional German hat does it all. Lean back and be inspired by the diverse selection of Trachten hats at the Dirndl.com online shop.

Oktoberfest hats in a sensational selection at the Dirndl.com

Click through the extensive range of German hats and find exactly the product that 100 percent meets your expectations. Many different shapes and colors await you in this product category. Roughly, the hats can be divided into the following groups:

  • felt hats
  • straw hats
  • linen hats
  • velvet hats

costume-3524657_1920In addition, various hat shapes are available. In terms of color you will probably find it hard to choose, because there is hardly a color in which a German hat at Dirndl.com is not available. Fashionistas love bright variations in pink and red, while timeless models in green and brown also enjoy great popularity. But the embarrass de richesses continues. With which highlight should your new traditional hat convince? Should there be an extravagant feather brooch for that special something? Or would you prefer a colorful bouquet of alpine flowers?

Good to know: Not only ladies will find something in the huge hat assortment. For men, too, we have the perfect hat for the classic Lederhosen. In addition, you will get children's hats, even baby hats, which will perfectly stage your offspring in terms of costume.

Tips for traditional hat shopping on the World Wide Web

person-854095_1280In addition to jewelry and a Dirndl scarf, an Oktoberfest hat can complete the dashing Dirndl style. If you are not sure what kind of hat you should buy, our tips will make your decision easier:

  • Be aware of the occasion on which you want to wear the new traditional hat. If it is for a party, it may be a bit more unusual or fancy. However, if you want to wear it to a wedding, a bit more restraint is required. After all, you do not want to steal the show from the bride.
  • Choose a color that suits you. If your style always is very natural in everyday life, the hat should probalby not come in bright colors. It is important that you feel comfortable with your new accessory.
  • Make sure the hat shape fits your face shape.
  • First, get an overview of the many different models, before you put your favorite pieces in the cart.

You will not regret your purchase, because we offer you a best price guarantee throughout the year. In addition, you benefit from short delivery times when shopping online on Dirndl.com. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order quickly and have a lot of fun with your new Oktoberfest hat.

You have questions about the order? We are happy to advise you individually. Just call us on the service hotline or send us an email. We will contact you immediately and your shopping pleasure can begin.


image sources:
© by Alpentrachten
© by DominikFuchs/pixabay.com
© by Pezibear/pixabay.com

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