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Trachtenpants for Women

hw17madl023They can fit snugly or sit casually relaxed. They are available in a wide variety of lengths, materials, colors and with countless patterns, applications and eye-catchers. Of course we are talking about Trachten pants. They belong to traditional fashion and, moreover, are wonderfully comfortable to wear.

The Lederhose - a classic with a fine tradition

The first thought in connection with the term Trachten pants certainly goes in the direction of the absolute bestseller in Oktoberfest costumes: the Lederhose. It reflects the feeling of rustic coziness in sociable setting and alpine ambiance like no other piece of clothing.

Leather pants are not only reserved for the male sex. Ladies today increasingly choose crisp leather pants as a proper outfit. The traditional Lederhose for women is the perfect companion for a variety of occasions and is very versatile.

Cuts, colors and fabrics - the choice is limitless

hw17madl003Not only Lederhosen are an ideal partner to optimize your alpine costume excellently. When looking for pants for traditional clothing you’ll find a diverse selection of different models. Especially Trachten jeans with the typical embroidered bib are a great way to combine traditional fashion with comfortable everyday fashion. There are many different styles that all have their own advantages and useful properties.

In terms of trouser leg length you can choose between the options:

  • ankle length, with or without waistband
  • three-quarter length, ideal for combining Trachten high heels
  • underknee, for the staging of beautiful calves
  • overknee, in the Bermuda style or
  • cheeky short, for an attractive appearance showing a lot of leg.

Regardless of the length of the pants, the popular traditional costume components offer a rich portfolio of cuts. Whether casual baggy style, the skin tight skinny look or super cool in the style of comfortable pants - you are completely free in your selection. Just put your own style together! Put your charms in the foreground or choose the pants that complements your favorite Trachten shirt  perfectly - the decision is entirely up to you!

In the same way as the cuts and lengths of traditional trousers are varied, all doors are also open to you in the choice of colors. Sporty traditional jeans in the trendy used look or dark blue denim are just as trendy as colorful models that are guaranteed to attract everyone's attention. Covered earth colors create an original image.

Smart combinations for the perfect match on the occasion

Thanks to their variety, the popular Trachten pants are flexible and stylish combined and thus always an excellent variant for your alpine outfit. Of course, when the Oktoberfest is just around the corner, the leather trousers can be taken out of the wardrobe. Worn by ladies, gentlemen and children and in connection with playful blouses or classical checkered shirts in the real Bavarian style they provide for a proper appearance at the Oktoberfest. If you decide on rustic Trachten socks in stylish Haferl Shoes, you'll get a respectful nod even from well-established alpine dwellers.

For the atmospheric garden party with dear friends, casual Trachten jeans in combination with comfy Trachten sneaker as well as informal Trachten shirts offer an ideal alternative.

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© by Krüger Dirndl

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