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Oktoberfest & Trachten Socks

stocking-1701768_640Oktoberfest socks and Loferl (calf-warmers) are on of the most stylish items in Trachten fashion. For the perfect Oktoberfest outfit or other festivities, it's all about the details: Only the right accessories will make Lederhosen and Dirndl really stand out. That's why you will find a wide selection of nice Loferl for men and sexy Dirndl socks for ladies in our online shop.

Trachten Socks or Loferl - What are the differences?

In Trachten fashion, socks are not just socks and Loferl are not just Loferl. The foot- and calf-warmers differ in their materials, shapes and patterns and offer all Dirndl girls and Lederhosen boys depending on personal taste - whether traditional, bold or trendy - a great addition to the authentic Oktoberfest outfit.

However, one important difference between the socks and the Loferl can be clearly stated: The Oktoberfest socks warm the foot and calf, while Loferl cover and emphasize the calf. Read more about the product features in the following section to find just the right accessory for your outfit.

Oktoberfest stockings - the originals

iStock-6402100745b62ea32be48eTrachten socks are the traditional footwear in Trachten fashion. Note the difference between socks and stockings:

  • Socks are usually made of thinner material and reach at most one to two hand widths over the ankle.
  • With our lace socks in natural colors, you can add a refined and playful accent to your shoes.
  • Traditional stockings are usually made of slightly thicker wool than socks and reach a maximum of up to the knee.
  • With our traditional gray socks with a button you'll keep your feet warm and comfortable. With knee-high stockings in bright colors, you'll also set colorful highlights that will prove your fashion awareness.

Your choice depends on the outside temperatures, on the length of the Lederhose or the Dirndl and of course on your personal taste.

The Oktoberfest stockings and socks should be color coordinated to the entire Trachten outfit so that the individual costume elements do not clash. We offer you the products in numerous colors and patterns. For example, a blue-and-white checked Trachten shirt would be a perfect match for blue Oktoberfest socks.

But if you prefer it a little more special, you can also wear striped or checkered socks with your Lederhosen. For the ladies, the knee-high stockings pink with ruffles and a bow turn out to be a guarantee for a great look.

Loferl - the calf shaper

Loferl are the absolute eye-catcher in the Trachten world. They are not socks or stockings, as is often wrongly assumed. Instead, Loferl cover only the calves and leave out the ankle and foot. They emphasize the muscular part of the lower leg of men.

Where the Loferl has its origin is controversial. But it is clear that the calf dress is one of the most traditional Trachten accessories ever. In the 19th century, Loferl were still a bit longer than today. At this time they had a width of up to 10 cm.

But how is the man's special calf dress actually worn? Loferl will in no case be carded or rolled. It must always sit in a smooth shape on the calf, since they are very narrow anyway. It is important that Loferl sit directly under the knee to emphasize the strongest part of the calf. A faux pas that the wearer should avoid is the asymmetric seat of the Loferl. From time to time, take a look at your calves to check the fit. When buying Loferl, you should therefore make sure that the calf dress sits tight enough so that it does not slip down when moving.

Buy Loferl & Oktoberfest Socks Online – Secure & convenient at Dirndl.com

iStock-1575069735b62ea33c6660Find the right sock, knee highs and Loferl for you! We offer a wide selection of lengths, materials and colors, so you have plenty of options to round off your individual Oktoberfest outfit. Also browse through our categories Dirndl jewelryTrachten bags and Dirndl blouses - here you'll find great accessories, with which you perfect your outfit to the smallest detail.

Thanks to versatile payment options, a fast delivery time, a free return as well as an extensive and competent telephone consultation, you are quickly and easily equipped for the next Oktoberfest or other festivities.

Trachten socks for men: Loferl and Co. as traditional accessories

Charming Trachten stockings, cute Loferl and classic traditional costumes? They belong together like the beer to the Oktoberfest! At Dirndl.com you will find authentic Oktoberfest socks, which you can wear as elements of traditional German costumes in many designs on the calves and feet. Folk festivals such as the Oktoberfest are the ideal occasions for this.

How mens Oktoberfest socks turn them into authentic Trachten wearers

Your Trachten outfit is slowly but surely taking shape and the hat, the typical plaid shirt with a Trachten jacket and the Lederhosen already fit nicely? Then there is only one question left: how to put your calves into the limelight! The solution is simple: Haferl socks keep you warm and cozy and fit perfectly with your Haferl shoes.

If you wear short leather pants, you should consider the so called Loferl (=calf-warmers). It is obvious that the calf shapers for gentlemen are exceptionally good, because they leave their feet and ankles outside and only cover their calves. The coarse, thick knit stitches not only warm, they also make the calf look even more muscular.

Here you will find a wide selection of different traditional stockings. If you're more of a modern type, you can easily grab bright colors. Traditional costume stockings, however, come mainly in

  • Green
  • Gray
  • Brown and
  • White-beige

and thus fit so harmoniously with the different Oktoberfest outfits.

Stocking Socks: from workwear to a classic and fashionable eye-catcher

leather-pants-488764_12805b62e13ef3dd4In the past, mens Trachten socks were especially pleasing to the gentlemen as they effectively protected their legs from the cold as part of their workwear in the Bavarian region. In addition, people have not shown too much skin through socks and Loferl, which was certainly desirable. To cover the legs in the best possible way, Haferl socks and Co. were ideally suited. In the past short Lederhosen also belonged to the costume as working clothes – Trachten fashion, which is still stylish today. To keep men really warm, the material of the Loferl are crucial. As in the past, mens Oktoberfest socks are made of wool. Also the Loferl and socks from the assortment of Dirndl.com rely on this warming material, but sometimes mix

  • Viscose
  • Polyacrylic or
  • Polyamide

This contributes to the high wearing comfort of the Loferl, which are also available in a set with ankle socks. Amongst others, such sets are produced by the Bavarian family-owned company Original Stockerpoint, which also produces other traditional costumes such as Trachten Jackets.

Mens Oktoberfest Socks: especially an eye-catcher at folk festivals

Where do men's socks especially look good? Of course at a German folk festival like the Oktoberfest! Here stylish men wear a traditional costume, which is simply not complete without Trachten Haferl socks or Loferl. You have the choice between different versions. Monochrome costume socks, which are designed with classic plait and lace pattern as well as a color contrast waistband, are for example juxtaposed with specimens with fir-pattern. Also popular are striped Loferl, which come along with chic horizontal stripes.

The only question is, how do you wear the stocking socks from the assortment of Dirndl.com correctly and at the same time fashionable: Loferl should only be worn with short Lederhosen, never with knee breeches. Avoid roll-up and roll-over and make sure to wear the Loferl symmetrically. As a part of a set, of course, there are the socks, which are best worn with Haferl shoes.


image sources:
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