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Dirndl Scarves - gorgeous & classy Accessoires

trachtentuch_verliebter_hirsch_blau15b62f81eb5d64If it gets fresh outside or the German costume outfit is missing a nice splash of color, a Dirndl scarf is just right. Trachten scarves usually have complex print patterns in a variety of colors and styles. So there is something for every taste. Particularly popular motifs of our traditional traditional cloths are:

  • flowers and blossoms
  • oak leaves
  • animal motifs like deer or butterflies
  • hearts
  • sweets, e.g. gingerbread hearts

Dirndl scarves can be loosely tied, wrapped around the neck several times, tightly knotted or loosely placed on the shoulders like a poncho. They can be combined with the classic Dirndl as well as with a traditional outfit consisting of a Trachten blouse, a traditional Trachten skirt and a jacket. Especially simple Dirndl can be spiced up with colorful prints, cheeky fringes or romantic ruffles. But that does not mean that, in contrast to particularly eye-catching Dirndl, you are only allowed to wear subtle scarves; however, the scarf should support the design. Whether you like it best to set a contrast, or you color-coordinate the with a specific item - for example, the apron - or you opt for a subtle scarf in black or gray, which brings some peace in the look and fits every Dirndl, is left entirely to your personal taste.

The right accessory for the cooler days

trachtenschal_schneespuren_rot15b62f81e31f54If you wear a scarf or a kerchief to a Dirndl, it will be the eye-catcher of your outfit. If you like, you can round off the look with the right accessories. Quaint earrings and matching bracelets are once again particularly trendy. In winter, beautiful wool tights ensure that you do not freeze. Our insider tip: A hearty traditional hat worn to Dirndl and scarf makes you a fashionable queen of the Alps!

Convinced? Then browse through our huge assortment and choose your perfect scarf among the different patterns, colors and sizes. Don’t forget to check out our accessories and the rest of our traditional fashion! Thanks to fast delivery and 100% money-back guarantee your order will be completely risk-free and stress-free. We look forward to your order.


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