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Trachten Jackets for Men - stylish & exclusive

blauWho says that Trachten jackets only serve to protect against wind and weather? The neat pieces are available in a rich selection of cuts, fabrics, patterns and colors which make them not only practical but also stylish companions for the cooler days.

The Trachten cardigan - the classic

Jackets in traditional style are part of a typical Oktoberfest dress just like Lederhosen - not only in fall or winter. Weatherproof in a leather jacket, casual in a comfortable fleece jacket or cuddly warm in a coarse knit: You can rely on our Trachten jackets for men.

The absolute bestsellers include the Trachten cardigans. They not only create an authentic image of rustic cosiness, they are also cuddly warm. Do you need a long-sleeved or short version? Should a tight jacket emphasize your figure or leave room with a wide cut for one or the other ham hock? Do you want to stand out from the crowd with colorful pieces or create an elegant look in plain-colored models? Thanks to their wide range of cuts and colors, the knitted outerwear is a great option for completing your German costumes.

Conventional, modern or playful? Which Oktoberfest jacket may it be?

265b62e758b21a8In addition to the popular models of knit you can choose from a huge assortment of different types of jackets. That’s how you can match your Trachten jacket ideally on the occasion and your personality.

When the annual "O'Zapft is!" sounds, it's just a great feeling to get the hearty wardrobe out of the closet. Cheeky lads will find a fitting garment in our huge assortment just as elegant, sophisticated gentlemen. In terms of Trachten jackets with affordable and equally high quality features, we deliver:

  • discreetly designed cardigans for more serious occasions
  • cuddly fleece jackets in Trachten design
  • Trachtenjanker as an unparalleled classic in alpine fashion
  • Sporty knitwear for informal events as well
  • cool hoodies for casual parties

What are you waiting for? Whether modern or traditional, festive or suitable for everyday use – you’ll find the right Trachten jacket for you in our online shop. Just browse through our selection and order your perfect Oktoberfest jacket - completely risk-free thanks to 100% money back guarantee.



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© by Moser Trachten

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