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  • Modell: Leandra
Product description and material
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  • 41235239-32
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Dirndl Leandra
If you are searching for a sexier-looking dirndl, then this could be the perfect choice! No other colour combination looks as seductive as red and black. The red apron brightens up the dirndl, which features a mysterious black skirt and bodice. The playful flower pattern that decorates the bodice is as extravagant as it is feminine. A ruffled red border around the neckline adds to the cheekiness of this dirndl. The blouse with sweet lace trimming and a balconette neckline completes the look.
Styles & Occasions Sexy, Traditional
Bodice Lacing Ribbon Lacing
Colour Black, Red
Modellname Leandra
Dress Colour Black, Red
Apron Colour Red
Blouse Colour White
Pattern Flowers
Dirndl Length Mini
Length (cm) 55 cm
Delivery Contents Dirndl, Apron and Blouse
Dress Material cotton
Apron Material cotton
Blouse Material cotton
Dress Material Details 100% cotton
Apron Material Details 100% cotton
Blouse Material Details 100% cotton
Alexa Wulstorf

Tolles Dirndl

sehr schönes Dirndl, tolle Farbe und schneller Service

Emilie Ruppert


Ein wirklich fesches Dirndl. Tolle Farbe und passt richtig gut. Danke

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Tolles Dirndl

sehr schönes Dirndl, tolle Farbe und schneller Service


Ein wirklich fesches Dirndl. Tolle Farbe und passt richtig gut. Danke

Care instructions
Hand-wash at max. 30°
Do not Bleach
Iron at Medium Temperature
Do not Tumble Dry
Do not Dry Clean

Dirndl Size Table

Size Intl. UK Size US Size Bust (cm | inch) Waist (cm | inch)
32 XS 6 4 81-85 | 32-33½ 63-67 | 24¾-26¼
34 S 8 6 84-88 | 33-34½ 66-70 | 26-27½
36 S 10 8 88-92 | 34½-36¼ 71-75 | 28-29½
38 M 12 10 91-95 | 35¾-37½ 75-79 | 29½-31
40 M 14 12 93-97 | 36½-38¼ 77-81 | 30¼-<32/td>
42 L 16 14 97-102 | 38¼-40¼ 82-86 | 32¼-33¾
44 L 18 16 102-106 | 40¼-41¾ 87-91 | 34¼-35¾
46 XL 20 18 105-109 | 41¼-43 91-95 | 35¾-37½
48 XL 22 20 110-117 | 43¼-46 95-99 | 37½-39
50 XXL 24 22 117-122 | 46-48 98-102 | 38½-40¼

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