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Oktoberfest pants for men - stylish & exclusive

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Oktoberfest pants for men - stylish & exclusive

10_8It does not always have to be a pair of Lederhosen! With a pair of Trachten pants, you are not only fully in trend, but thanks to their variety in terms of cuts, colors and patterns are a great option to give your traditional costume a modern design.

Short or long - wide or narrow fit? Amazing cuts with great comfort

Trachten pants are the perfect partner for the creation of a traditional, rustic outfit. Countless different styles make sure that you can perfectly stage your figure and express your personality ideally.

Ankle-length models are the bestsellers and popular with ladies as well as men and children. In combination with pithy bibs, tight cording and rustic stitching and patterns, they make an excellent traditional impression. Regardless of whether the legs are tight - as a skinny model - or wide - in the baggy style -, the long traditional Trachten pants are a great choice.

It is too warm out there for long trousers and too cool for shorts? You still want to show a little leg? Nothing easier than that! With the comfortable three-quarter-length Trachten pants you will round off your rustic outfit.

Hot summer days in convivial rounds are the perfect occasion to equip you with brisk denim shorts in traditional style. Here, cloth trousers are more comfortable than leather trousers, creating a cool, traditional look.

With smart combinations to a perfect and upbeat look

94698-41-Wildling-v5b62e40d6a008Hardly any other trousers offer as many combination possibilities as the trendy denim. Also traditional costume fashion creates a masterful basis for this. Ladies and gentlemen, for example, combine a pair of normal or tight-fitting Trachten pants with traditional accents and cool Trachten shirtsCasual sneakers complete the wardrobe. Does it get more casual or cool?

A real German impression is provided by jeans models with filigree decorative seams in alpine design in fusion with crisp white blouses or elegant Trachten shirts. This style can be perfectly complemented with genuine Haferl shoes.

Our cool Oktoberfest pants offer you countless combination possibilities. How about, for example

  • Rustic embroidered Trachten jeans with a hearty vest and a classic shirt
  • Sporty jeans in a wide-cut boyfriend style and shirts with cheeky patterns,
  • Subtle blue jeans with traditional details combined with a quaint shirt or
  • Cute children’s pants with heart-dearest motives for the little ones

That’s how you’ll get casually and perfectly styled through everyday life!


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© by Krüger Dirndl