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Women's Trachten shirts – Attractive traditional t-shirts with pretty details

hw17madl014_1Trachten shirts are a great option for girls who love hearty traditional fashion but do not find Dirndl as suitable for everyday wear. Even if you are looking for a top that looks great with your favorite Lederhosen, you will surely love our Oktoberfest shirts.

Why a Trachten shirts for women are so interesting

Whether you are looking for a comfortable outfit for the Oktoberfest, when you are missing Bavaria in other parts of the world or you're just a fan of the casual designs of Stockerpoint, Hangowear and other Trachten brands - you'll find cool Oktoberfest shirts that are just as suitable for everyday use as they are stylish.

We offer all our high quality products at the best price and with 100% money back guarantee, so you do not take any risk even if you don't end up liking them.

How Oktoberfest shirts turn you into a stylish Bavarian girl

hw17madl023Although Trachten t-shirts are undoubtedly more casual than our richly decorated Dirndl, you do not have to live without lovingly designed details. On the contrary: many ladies' Trachten shirts are richly decorated and take on the motifs found in more formal costumes. In addition to eyelet embroidery and embroidery with traditional motifs such as deer or edelweiss fall you'll find numerous models with distinctive patterns. Whether plaid or polka-dot: not many Oktoberfest shirts miss out on the design enhancing decorations like these.

If you look around in this category at Dirndl.com, you will notice the difference between the individual looks. The more classic shirts in a bodice look with blouses and lace-up details contrast with more casual, modern variants with eye-catching designs.


  • logos
  • ruffles
  • bows
  • lace and
  • puffed sleeves

are popular eye-catchers that make our Trachten shirts for women a must-have for style-conscious girls.

Wear your Oktoberfest shirt and authentically round of your Trachten look

The Trachten shirts are available in such a variety of designs that you will surely find the shirt that suits you perfectly! With a print or without, a casual t-shirt or a rustic bodice look, wide fit or bodyhugging - here you will find your perfect Trachten shirt. With a sexy Carmen neckline all eyes will be on you. Particularly suitable for everyday wear are the casual Trachten t-shirts. They remind of ordinary shirts, but trump with their lettering and typical Bavarian motifs.

What are you waiting for? Your new traditional shirt is waiting for you!


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© by Krüger Dirndl

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